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In vitro diagnostics are the reagent of inspection for checking abnormality/change within the body through blood or urine.
As a new business, we are working on the manufacturing of packaging and parts for various types of diagnostic products, and the contract filling operations.

In vitro Diagnostics

In April 2003, we got the official license of the manufacturing for in vitro diagnostic product from the authorities.Since then, we have been manufacturing high quality of in vitro diagnostic products in accordance with the ministrerial instruction.

Our present manufacturing products are:

  • Test kit for blood detection in tool
  • Test paper for glucose detection in urine

Total 5 products in 2 types

Unlike packagings of our conventional main business products, going into the in vitro diagnostic business made us possible to supply the product itself directly to the market.

Future Proceeding

Future Proceeding

Due to the advantages of easy-to-use and rapid determination, the demand for the in vitro diagnostic is expected to increase in the near future.
We are working to develop the in vitro diagnostic business strengthning the manufacturing facilities and know-how for various types of parts.

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