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Pharmaceutical Packages

Many of our pharmaceutical packages are used in the field of“Prescription Drug”.
Based on our understanding that the relationships between drug and package are closely connected with each other, we have been developing and manufacturing the pharmaceutical packages. We are not only contributing to human health by protecting the drug containing securely and surely, but also adding value to the product.

Line of Products

  • Plastic Contianers

    Plastic Contianers

    We have been manufacturing many kinds of plastic containers to cope with versatile applications through our own molding system.

  • Aluminum Tubes

    Aluminum Tubes

    We are pleased to introduce you our aluminum tube that can protect the content from UV light, gas, and moisture.

  • PTP (Press Through Packages) Sheets

    PTP (Press Through Packages) Sheets

    Our PTP Sheets“TAS Series”have good properties in moisture-proof, transparency, moldability and processability.

  • Spray Pumps & Valves

    Spray Pumps & Valves

    We use Aptar's spray pumps and valves for our products.
    Aptar has 70% of world market share with high quality products.

  • Vials


    We have a high technology in the production of vials for injection drug. Integrated line is prepared for the commercial production.

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