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Plastic Containers

By our own molding system, we are able to meet the wide ranging market needs.

Due to advantages of the lightness in weight and the durability, the field of use for the Plastic Containers is more and more expanding.
We have been making many kinds of plastic containers with high quality and full of originality by introducing our long accumulated technology in research and development.

Manufacturing Process of Plastic Containers

In order to supply the high quality products stably, it is essential to control the manufacturing process.
Taking advantage of our 3-type molding methods-Injection Blow Molding, Injection Molding and Direct Blow Molding - will provide you highly qualified products. Click on the following links of our manufacturing processes for plastic containers.

Applications of Plastic Containers

  • Containers for Solid Drug

    Containers for Solid Drug

    Both shapes of round and square are available in various sizes.
    Please select optimal products from them as your usage.

  • Containers for Liquid Drug

    Containers for Liquid Drug

    Many kinds of our original containers for eye-drops, eye-lotions and external drug developed by our R&D are available.

Pharmaceutical Packages

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