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Pharmaceutical Packages

Technology and good results in the production of our vials for injection solution.

Toughness, cleanliness and homogeneity are required for the quality of vial. Among other things, especially vials for injection solution are in good results. Under corresponding factory to the GMP, vials are made of borosilicate glass tube in accordance with various requests of customers by the integrated commercial production line from forming to packaging.

Vials For Injection Solution

We established a production system that we can correspond to even in the case of thread vials.
In order to correspond to a wide variety of customers' needs, our forming machines are fully equipped either in the case of vertical type machine or horizontal one. Followings are the typical properties.

  • Vertical type machine and horizontal one are equipped in our factory.
    It is possible to select the most suitable production method/shape in accordance with customer's request.
  • After the forming, automatic dimensional measuring inspection machines are introduced in the line and the quality assurance is performed.
  • Maintaining the uniform quality without strain by introducing our own original annealing process.
  • It is possible to perform ultrasonic cleaning in our own factory.
  • It is possible to correspond automatic appearance inspection machine (flying spot method) by laser beam.
  • It is possible to correspond vials with undercutting mouth type.

Vials Packaging Production Process

Vials Packaging Production Process

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Pharmaceutical Packages

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