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Aluminum Tubes

Double-layer aluminum tube has ideal functions for cosmetic containers.

The content within the aluminum tube is perfectly protected from light (UV), air (gas) and water (moisture). The container is also excellent in points of“No-intake-air”, “Portability”and“Easy-to-use”.Under fully automated facilities, GMP-regulated clean room and strict quality control, many kinds of aluminum tube have been manufacturing.

Taisei Kako's Aluminum Tube

Mono-layer aluminum tube as Taisei's standard product and Double-layer aluminum tube as developed product for the purpose of protecting the content have been manufacturing.
The mono-layer type is in good cost performance, and the double-layer type has ideal functions for cosmetic container which is chiefly used for 2-solution container for hair dye.
Please see the under descriptions.

Features of Aluminum Mono-Layer Tube

  • Open Mouth

    Open Mouth

  • Closed Mouth

    Closed Mouth

  • Thread Part Press Fitting Method/Closed Mouth

    Snap-on thread part with closed mouth

  • Due to solving the endocrine disrupter problem,it is possible to coat the inner surface.
  • On acidity/alkalinity of the content, our own technology of inner surface coating makes possible to have wide range of chemical resistance. (PAT. P)
  • One-way shrink film packaging/returnable plastic box (sterilization is possible) is available. (For domestic use)
  • Returnable plastic box is also possible to connect the filling line directly

Characteristics of Aluminum Double-Layer Tube

  • Thread Part Insert Molding Method/Open Mouth

    Thread Part Insert Molding Method/Open Mouth

  • Thread/Nozzle Part Insert Molding Method/Open Mouth

    Thread/Nozzle Part Insert Molding Method/Open Mouth

  • Thread Part Press Fitting Method/Open Mouth

    Snap-on thread part / Open Mouth

  • Thread Part Ultrasonic Adhesion Method/Open Mouth

    Thread Part Ultrasonic Adhesion Method/Open Mouth

  • Due to film formed of PE inner layer tube on the inner surface (mouth part included), protection of the content and chemical resistance are excellent.
  • Since the mouth part (thread part) is integral molded from PE, no aluminium-particulate is generated at the time of opening and closing the cap.
  • Since the production is made in the GMP-regulated clean room, products are being kept clean.

Custom-made Design To Meet Customer’s Requests

In response to customer’s desired design and color, we will take appropriate action.
We will give our customers some proposal ideas in light of the product image.
Such ideas: Having roundness of the shoulders that gives a luxurious feeling Wrapping around a body part with a printed level, and etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Roundness of shoulders with coating
Roundness of shoulders with coating

Having roundness on the shoulders of tube that gives the product fancy design. Customers can hardly be regarded it as aluminium tube

Tube with Tack Label
Tube with Tack Label

Film wrapping tube with a luxurious printing finish This film is printable to meet with customers' request.

Oval Tube
Oval Tube

Looking down on the product, the shape of tube can be seen oval state. If a customer would like to emphasize the design, this kind of tube is appropriate to this purpose.

Aluminium Tube Manufacturing Process

In order to supply high quality products stably, it is essential to control the manufacturing process. On our manufacturing process of aluminium tube container, please click the following links.

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