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Plastic Containers

It is an essential factor for a cosmetic package to have a sophisticated design and a good appearance. Having a good processing characteristic of plastic is highly appreciated in this field.
Excellent characteristics of plastic container are user-friendly and durability performance.

Taisei Kako's plastic containers

Firstly, considering the content packaged in a container, and secondly satisfying the customer's requests such as feeling, design and weight, after the approval the molding of plastic container is launched. Our existing customers are fully satisfied with the user-friendly and sophisticated design products.

Advantages of plastic containers

  • It is possible to make a sophisticated container by its own easy-molding property.
  • It is possible to make a luxurious container by decorating its surface.
  • It is possible to make a complicated figure.
  • It is possible to take several measures for the purpose of protecting the content.
  • It is possible to make a mirror-finish state by aluminum evaporation on its surface.

Taisei's original container based on the R&D technology

We have been making many kinds of plastic containers for cosmetic introducing our long year research results to them. There is an epoch-making product of which development was jointly cooperated with another company. This product is highly evaluated in the market.

Multi-layer blow bottle

Multi-layer blow bottle

Outer layer of the multi-layer bottle is made of EVOH (transparent). The characteristics are excellent glossy surface and having superior resistance against scratch due to the rigid surface.

Plastic container Manufacturing process

In order to supply the high quality products stably, it is essential to control the manufacturing process. On our manufacturing process of plastic container, please click the following links

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