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Plastic Tubes

Plastic tube has been using for widespread products as liquid foundation, cream, and cleansing foam. We propose plastic tubes according to the content and moreover suitable form and layer formation according to the content.

Taisei's Plastic tubes

Plastic tube is used mainly for protect jell content as safety and it has been using in not only cosmetic industries but also in every industries. We are able to meet the needs of the customer's original plastic tube.

Plastic Tube Specification List

Body dia. Cap Type Nozzle inner dia. Length below shoulder
Φ25 Screw cap (w/o knurling) Φ3^Φ4^Φ5^Φ7
Nozzleƒ³1 (Also applicable for check valve)
min 90mm
max 180mm
Oval screw cap
Φ30 Screw cap Φ1.5^Φ3^Φ5^Φ7
Φ35 Screw cap (w knurling) Φ3^Φ5^Φ8
Screw cap (w/o knurling)
Hinged cap Cap dia. ƒ³5 Tube dia. ƒ³9
Oval cap Φ2^Φ3^Φ4
Φ40 Long nozzle cap (w knurling) Φ3^Φ5^Φ8
Long nozzle cap (w/o knurling)
Hinged cap Cap dia. ƒ³5 Tube dia. ƒ³9
Deep cap Φ7^Φ8
Beak cap Able to be cut in the range of ƒ³0.4 to ƒ³5.3
Oval cap Φ2^Φ3^Φ4^Φ5
Φ50 Screw cap (w knurling) Φ1^Φ3^Φ4^Φ5^Φ8^Φ10^Φ12 min 110mm
max 200mm
Screw cap (w/o knurling)
Hinged cap Cap dia. ƒ³5/ƒ³8 Tube dia. ƒ³12
Beak cap Able to be cut in the range of ƒ³0.4 to ƒ³5.3

Features of Plastic Tubes

  • Wide variety of tubes, from single-layer to 4-type 5-layer multilayer tubes.
  • Torque value is stable due to tighten caps by automatic capper.
  • Cap is able to be selected from 3 types; Screw, Hinged and Nozzle.
  • Simple squeeze is also applicable.

Manufacturing process of Plastic Tubes

Introduction of the manufacturing process of plastic tube which is the most suitable for cosmetic packages.
The following process is linked and all automatic.

Manufacturing process of Plastic Tubes

Other process

Hot stamping
Transfer the thermal transfer-foil on a heated carved stamp then the figure is trasfered on it.
Applicable for various design printing.
Virgin seal
Able to seal a foil by thermal welding on the mouth part.

¦Sterilization and packing are applicable according to the customerfs request.

Cosmetic Packages
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