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Other Products

Taisei Kako is manufacturing several kinds of packages not only in the fields of medical and cosmetics but also in the fields of Electric & precision products (video-tape and MD case) and Electric & precision products (preserve-container for contact lenses).

Electric & precision products of precision molding

Media-related products of precision molding

Electric & precision products for business purpose of precision molding such as video-tape and Blu-ray Disc are manufactured.

Medical Devices & Parts

Medical Device & Parts

Several kinds of containers related to medical such as cassette, preserve-container for contact lenses and vial holder are available to meet with customer request.

Highly skilled technology of mold design and mold making

In the processes of mold design and mold making for Electric & precision products of precision molding and products, more highly skilled technology is required to make it in comparison with making a mold of container for pharmaceutical/cosmetics.
Our affiliate company named Nose-Taisei Kako is fully equipped with large-scale injection machines. Due to the state of the art facilities and trustworthy molding know-how, the products are kept in a high standard level.
If you have any questions on a product that you would like to make, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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