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Proposal of Design Container

One of factors to enhance value to a product is design properties. We propose an attractive-designed packaging container that a customer might feel like picking it up unconsciously, a superior product in functionality and a highly designed packaging container that is considered from all perspectives.

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Creating Beauty of Container

No mater how good function a container has, if it is lack of beauty, the container will be not quite as attractive as one hoped. On the basis of our understanding of a customer's product concept, we will propose a container with value added called“beauty”.

Our Proposals

Multi Layer Blow ContainerMulti Layer Blow Container

Surface gloss gives a luxurious image to a multi layer blow container. Scratch-resistant and excellent protection of contents

Container Having Both Function And Beauty

Under the recent circumstances of making a diversity/ complexity product, it is essential for a manufacturer to make an excellent container that has both functional and design properties

Our Proposals

Airless Piston Pump SystemAirless Piston Pump System

Since airless piston pump system like never before, blowing air is no required. Functional excellence is of course, and this system will give a simple and beautiful design.

Simpli Squeeze Container

SEAQUEST CLOSURE(USA) developed a patent system that had a silicon valve at the nozzle.
Good functions of the systems:
No dripping from nozzle makes clean around the nozzle.
Inverted position is applicable to use. This will make easy to use.
Keeping of inverted position is possible even if the cap remains open.
Powder is also available to use. This will make it possible for many kinds of applications.

Simpli Squeeze Container   Simpli Squeeze Container

A Container Conforming to Brand Image from A Viewpoint of Material

There are so many makers specialized in plastic/glass containers. Bur not so many companies can deal with various kinds of materials like us.

Our Proposals

Our ProposalsWe have been proposing many kinds of containers for the purpose of conforming to the brand image from a viewpoint of material. You will be recognized the brand concept of the container at one view.

Proposal of Development/Production
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