Introducing the company development of Taisei Kako Co., Ltd. histrorically, more than 90years have passed since its establishment. During the period, we started a plastic molding business in 1954. Our history shows briefly under:

1932 Taisei Brothers Trading Company, manufacturer and supplier of cork products is founded.
1950 Taisei Cork Inc. is established and all operations are transferred to the new company.
1954 Backed by advances in high polymer chemistry, the Company commences production of plastics products.
1963 Manufacturing of blow molding products commences.
1964 Company name is changed to Taisei Kako Co., Ltd.
1969 Tokyo Branch is established.
1970 Production of PTP(CPE)sheets commences.
1974 Taisei Special Tube Company is established at the Ibaraki Plant and manufacturing begins for Aluminium tubes begins.
1976 Commences production of glass products.
1981 Gifu Plant is completed, operations commerce.
1984 The Gifu Plant is restructured. Gifu Taisei Kako is established on the site of the Gifu Plant.
1985 Production begins of PTP(CPP)sheets for pharmaceutical use.
1989 Commences production of plastic tubes.
1990 Exclusive domestic sales agreement signed for pharmaceutical spray pumps and valves manufactured by Valois Company of France.
1991 First phase of Hadano Plant construction is completed.
1992 Nose Taisei Kako Co., Ltd. is established and the first phase of plant construction is completed.
1994 Tokyo Branch Office building is completed.
1996 Gifu Taisei Kako’s Akechi Plant commences operation.
Nishi Nihon Shosha Service, a joint venture with electron beam sterilization service is established.
Toyama Sales Office opens.
1997 Head and branch offices and Ibaraki Plant has been certified with ISO9001.
Gifu Taisei Kako’s Gifu Plant has been certified with ISO9002.
Taisei Kako receives government approval to manufacture Medical devices.( NO.27BZ1364)
Taisei Special Tube has been certified with ISO9002.
1998 Hadano Plant has been certified with ISO9002.
Tajiri Plant commences operation.
2001 Commences glass prefillable syringes
2002 Implement stronger EOG-VHP countermeasures.
Establish APIC (joint venture corporation) in Suzhou China.
2003 Ibaraki Site has been certified with ISO14001.
2005 Commences Plastic prefillable syringes
Obtained the Medical Device Manufacturer's Licence(No.14BZ200038)
Obtained Class 2 Medical Device Manufacturer and Supplierer's Licence (No.27B2X00203)
Suzhou Industrial Park Taisei Kako Co., Ltd. (SIPTA) is established. (The capital affiliation was ended with SIPTA in 2015.)
2006 Suzhou Industrial Park Taisei Kako Co., Ltd. has been certified with ISO9001.
Taisei Special Tube company and Hadano Plant consolidated into Ibaraki・Taisei Kako Co., Ltd.
2009 Completion of a new plant for the production of plastic(ClearJect®)syringes.
2012 Changed company name from Shoko Seiki Co., Ltd. to Akechi・Taisei Kako Co., Ltd.
Gifu・Taisei Kako Co., Ltd. Akechi plant consolidated into Akechi・Taisei Kako Co., Ltd.
2013 Certified the license for manufacturer of drugs (NO.27AZ200094)
Ibaraki・Taisei Kako Co., Ltd. built second plant.
2014 Join Osaka Pharmaceutical manufacturers Association.
2015 Medicine production dept. has been certified with ISO13485.
Isolate Medical Ibaraki plant and Medicine production department.
<Taisei Medical Co., Ltd.> was established.
2016 Akechi・Taisei Kako Co., Ltd. Tajiri plant consolidated into Gifu・Taisei kako Co., Ltd.
Gifu Plant, Akechi Plant and Hadano Plant has been certified with ISO14001.
Ibaraki Plant has been certified with ISO15378.
2017 Gifu Plant and Akechi Plant has been certified with ISO15378.
2019 Medical Ibaraki plant in Taisei Medical Co., Ltd. receives the government approval to manufacture Medical devices for Animal Use.
2021 Taisei Medical Co.,Ltd. acquired all of stock for Katou medical examination apparatus factory, and advance to the cervical cancer test kit business.
Gifu-Taisei Kako Co.,Ltd Gifu plant new plant is completed.
Taisei Kako Co.,Ltd Minoh plant is completed.
2022 ISO9001: Taisei Kako Co.,Ltd.- Minoh Plant (Pharma primary packaging group)
ISO13485: Taisei Kako Co.,Ltd.-Minoh Plant (Medical device manufacturing group)
ISO14001: Taisei Kako Co.,Ltd.-Minoh Plant
2023 Nagoya Sales office opens.
2024 Nakanoshima Office opens.