Job Category

The "Heart & Technology" is Taisei Kako Group's slogan. Based on this, each division proceed the work together with other divisions as one. Taking advantage of each division's expertise technology, we will show you our promising works under:

  • Sales Division

    Sales Division

    At the sales division, we strive to express our work principle of “sincerity and quality” by means of specific actions. Taking the theme “High level, care-oriented sales work with a heart” as our guide, we intend to respond to future customer needs, refining our skills daily and pushing to energetically and aggressively expand our sales activities from Osaka, Tokyo and Toyama sales offices.

  • General Administration Division

    General Administration Division

    We aim to grow up both company and employee through human resource development and right man in the place. We comply with the compliance and labor environment, also we build up the confidence with stakeholders through communication. We strive for CSR and BCP activities.

  • Quality Assurance Division

    Quality Assurance Division

    To ensure quality throughout all processes involved in product development, manufacture, production, sales and service, 11 of our divisions have acquired ISO9001 (quality management system) series certification. We then assess the results of those efforts and utilize them in anufacturing. We run a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) committee that handles issues involving production and quality control of pharmaceutical products. This committee finds potential problems and evaluates and implements counter measures to these problems.

  • Product Design Division

    Product Design Division

    We are improving and accelerating the design process by putting our accum ulated technology and expertise to work in 3D CAD, mold flow & CFD. With an eye on the future we are also developing “original products” having new functions, all aimed at a design that achieves 100 percent satisfaction of user needs.

  • Technical Development Division

    Technical Development Division

    We engage in technical development for new product, technical basic research study and innovate / verify the new technology in Taisei Kako Group. There are trial molding machines, blister machines, X-Ray Fluoroscopy System High Speed Camera and so on. We innovate our trial products through those evaluation equipment.
    Moreover, We engage in materials development to develop and improve products, and supporting the technical issue in Taisei Kako Group.

  • Mold Division

    Mold Division

    At Taisei Kako where we continually manufacture pharmaceutical packaging and containers with sophisticated functions, it is no overstatement to say that the quality of the mold “makes or breaks” the company. Every design staff knows that “A good quality mold is what makes a good quality product.” We produce the stable high quality product through own mold design and own mold manufacturing.

  • R&D Division

    R&D Division

    We continue to research novelty, new function and new material which correspond to the medical market of the 21st century, and with using analysis device, we pursue to supply products which suit market needs on time. We also accumulate own know-how, and strive to apply the valuable inventions, the design rights, and to protect/exploit the intellectual property rights.

  • Manufacturing Division

    Manufacturing Division

    As part of our basic policy to ensure a stable supply of products to our customers. We have 7plants, where are Kansaiarea, Chubu area and Kanto area for risk management. By linking to each plant with our manufacturing headquarters as center, we can unify and standardize GMP, production technology, control technology and manufacturing technology.

  • Global Business Division

    Global Business Division

    To deal with a diverse range of user needs, we are importing products from overseas and also supplying overseas plants with our own manufactured products. In a typical transaction, we entered into an exclusive sales contract for pharmaceutical spray pumps with Aptar Group. To further respond to a global market, we are aggressively working to build up and operate a business network on an international scale.

  • Medical Division

    Medical Division

    Our division has been making sound development and manufacturing prefillable syringes of both materials of glass and plastic for the injection. Our technologies based on the direct-drug-contact packagings have been applied to a broad range of our prefillable syringes. For the purpose of coping with the increasingly sophisticated market needs, we have been proposing the most suitable syringes (glass / plastic) to our customers. Our Quality Assurance System is in accordance with the Ministerial Ordinance and our products are commonly used in the medical site.

  • Drug Manufacturing Division

    Drug Manufacturing Division

    We acquired the license for manufacturer of drugs (Classification: Drugs, Sterile Pharmaceutical Product) in 2013. Since then, we have been working as a contracted manufacturer of packaging for drug and a sterilization company for outer packaging. We will propose you the best suitable sterilization method in accordance with the properties of the drug, and assure the sterility under the most suitable conditions.