We received wide-ranging inquiries on properties / characteristics of our pharmaceutical / cosmetic packages. Followings are the examples of the FAQs from our customers.
If you have any questions on this matter or another, please contact us.

Is it possible to make a customer desired original shape package?

We will ask you the intended purpose, desired shape, and other requests. After that we will create the most suitable design, and propose you as the original package.
Please contact us first without hesitation.

We would like to make a clear package. Could you gve us your propososal?

From the viewpoint of designation, we propose you use PET. And if you need permeability, we propose that you use pecial raw material. Please contact us without your hesitation.

What kind of packaging do you propose for sunscreen lotion?

In order to protect the solution inside, or to have premium accent in appearance, we propose that you use multi-layer blow bottle for this purpose.

What kind of packaging do you recommend for cream?

We recommend that you use plastic tube or jar container and will propose you a design considered product.

What kind of packaging do you propose for face lotion?

The material of packaging depends on the solution.
PET or PE is commonly used for the packaging. We will respond to your request. Please contact us.

What kind of packaging do you propose for tablets?

How about containers for solid drug? It is also possible to propose you an original packaging that is best suited to the contents.
PTP sheet is another option. TASseries have high performances of vapor proof, transparency and mouldability. Please contact us.

Is it possible to sterilize the packaging?

We perform the most suitable sterilization for the product. It is also possible for you to choose your desired sterilization method.

Are the cap related products available?

Yes, the related products such as an inner stopper for the cap and the bottle are available. Please contact us.