Privacy Policy

Based on the belief that Taisei Kako Ltd, and Taisei Kako group (collectively "Taisei" or "we") recognize importance of protecting customer's personal information and we are committed to handle more safely and properly all personal information in accordance and comply with the following.

Collection of Personal Information

In order to give users a better service when in use, we might collect personal information.
The scope of collecting personal information shall be limited to the minimum required level of information to fulfill the purpose. We will take extreme care in handling the information in accordance with the relevant laws of personal information and our company rule.

Management / Protection of Personal Information

On the personal information that we collect, we will work for the prevention of loss, damage, falsification, illegal access and leakage under our strict management.
We shall not disclose the collected personal information without the user’s permission.
Even if another user accesses to our website, the accessing user can not review any personal information.

Handling of Personal Information

The collected information could be used in limited purposes as follows.

  • ・ For the purpose of giving our services and products properly to our users
  • ・ For the purpose of identifying the user when in use our services
  • ・ For the purpose of making the website mopre satisfiable
  • ・ For the purpose of developing new services
  • ・ For the purpose of contacting the user when needed
Improving the Privacy Policy

When we need to conduct a review of the privacy policy, we will take the appropriate measures.