Promotion of automation and Manufacturing of cleaner products in a clean environment

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Gifu Plant

In 1980, Gifu・Taisei Kako Co., Ltd., which was an affiliate of Taisei Kako at the time, acquired a land for Gifu Plant in the Kani industrial park, which is one of the largest industrial parks in Gifu prefecture.
In the next year (1981), the 1st building was constructed and its operation started. With the construction of the 2nd building in 1984, the scale of the plant became larger and current Gifu・Taisei Kako Co., Ltd. was created.
Until now, this plant has been expanded, as the 3rd building in 1988 and the 4th building in 1995 were constructed respectively.

Gifu Plant is a plants specialized in manufacturing the packages for pharmaceuticals, and is promoting automation and providing cleaner products to our customers. Thanks to these, the strong annual sales increase has been realized.

Gifu Plant

In 2020, the construction project of the 5th building in the adjacent area was begun in order to expand its production capacity, and the construction was completed in May, 2021.
This 5th building has 3 floors (Height 23.55m), and is located on the hillside in the industrial park of 9,930㎡. Therefore, a panoramic view of the Kani city can be enjoyed from the building.
Air conditioners are equipped even on the ceiling of the aisles and clean environment is realized in the plant. Gifu Plant is suitable for both products and employees.

Company information

Company name (Plant name) Gifu・Taisei Kako Co., Ltd. 【Gifu Plant】
Address 2-14, Himegaoka, Kani-city, Gifu 509-0249, JAPAN
Tel. +81-(0)574-62-8121
Representative President / Yasuyuki Shiraishi
Field of business Manufacturing of primary packages for pharmaceuticals and packages for cosmetics
Incorporated 1984
Paid-in capital ¥45,000,000
Number of employees 193(in September 2021)

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