Attainment of strict quality management by automated production facility and clean environment realization

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Osaka Plant

Ibaraki・Taisei Kako Co., Ltd. Osaka Plant was established in 1974 as Taisei Special Tube Co., Ltd., which was an affiliate of Taisei Kako, and started its production of aluminum tubes.
In 2006, Osaka Plant was consolidated with Hadano Plant and the company’s name was also changed to Ibaraki・Taisei Kako Co., Ltd. Now, it has grown up to a company which has 2 domestic bases of Osaka Plant (Ibaraki city, Osaka) and Hadano Plant (Hadano city, Kanagawa).

Ibaraki city, where the plant is located, is a city of northern Osaka with rich nature, history and tradition. In addition, the public transport is convenient and there are many offices and universities, etc.
In this city, we have been manufacturing high-function aluminum tube containers for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics for over 50 years.

Osaka Plant

Aluminum tube is a container which protects contents completely from light (ultraviolet), air (gas) and water (vapor) and demonstrates excellent non-airbag functionality, portability and usability. We are manufacturing various kinds of aluminum tubes under strict quality management by an integrated automated production line and clean environment realization.

Osaka Plant acquired the certification of quality management system ISO9001 for assuring all the production processes qualities. Furthermore, it obtained the certification of environmental management system ISO14001, in order to achieve “earth-friendly environmental conservation”.
In addition to good plant environment, we have also realized good working environment by providing good employee benefits, such as canteen, apartment for singles and company housing.

With our motto of “Heart and Technology”, we will supply high-function aluminum tube containers to the markets.

Company information

Company name (Plant name) Ibaraki・Taisei Kako Co., Ltd.
Address 2-11-12, Fujinosato, Ibaraki-city, Osaka 567-0054, JAPAN
Tel. +81-(0)72-640-2507
Representative President / Yasuyuki Shiraishi
Field of business Manufacturing of pharmaceutical primary packages and the packages for cosmetics / Manufacturing of aluminum tubes for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
Incorporated 1974
Paid-in capital ¥98,000,000
Employees 69 (as of September 2021)

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