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Tajiri Plant

Gifu・Taisei Kako Co., Ltd. has grown up to a company with 2 plants, Tajiri Plant (Toyono-gun, Osaka) and Gifu Plant (Kani city, Gifu), as an affiliate of Taisei Kako. These 2 plants are “Gifu・Taisei Kako Co., Ltd. Gifu Plant” in Gifu prefecture and “Gifu・Taisei Kako Co., Ltd. Tajiri Plant” in Osaka prefecture, respectively. Tajiri Plant started its production in February 1998 as the second plant, in Nose city, Toyono-gun, Osaka.

Tajiri Plant

Tajiri Plant manufactures plastic bottles mainly. Various kinds of packages are also produced, such as pharmaceuticals packages with the volume of 10 ~ 1100mL, cosmetic packages and packages for health foods. In addition, this plant offers decorative processing services.

Tajiri Plant is adaptable to the manufacturing of package for pharmaceuticals, and its strong annual sales increase has been realized by establishing clean environment, promoting automation and providing cleaner products to our customers.

Company information

Company name (Plant name) Gifu・Taisei Kako Co., Ltd. 【Tajiri Plant】
Address 671, Kami-tajiri, Nose-cho, Toyono-gun, Osaka 563-0122, JAPAN
Tel. +81-(0)72-737-0094
Representative President / Yasuyuki Shiraishi
Field of business Manufacturing of primary packages for pharmaceuticals and packages for cosmetics
Incorporated 1984
Paid-in capital ¥45,000,000
Number of employees 68(in September 2021)

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