Plastic or Glass ? Whichever you want, we can supply the product to meet with your requests.

Prefilled Syringes (Prefil Syringes, Prefillable Syringes) are indispensable in the medical field.
Since the drug solution is prepared in the syringe, it is highly excellent in handiness, safety and sterility.
Followings are our prefilled syringes.

Our Prefilled Syringes

We have the advantage of being able to supply you either glass prefilled syringe or pastic one.
Under our reliable quality assurance system, we can offer you our high quality and cost-effective prefilled syringes.

Characteristics of Prefilled Syringes


  • Our production system has been constructed based on the requirements of "QMS Ministry Order" and "ISO 13485".
  • Our Prefilled Syringes are met with following requirenments: JIS T 3210 Sterile injection syringes, and 3 following JPs i) Insoluble Particulate Matter Test for Injections, ii) Test for Glass Containers for Injections, and iii) Test Methods for Plastic Containers.
  • Our standard Prefilled Syringes are also met with ISO 11040.
  • In our developmental stage, we performed the reliable validation, and we managed the precise managements of both manufacturing and environmental controls, due to the managements, we can surely supply the high quality prefilled syringes to you stably.

Medical Devices Manufacturing License No. 27BZ200369
Medical Devices Distribution License No. 27B2X00203

Component Parts of Prefilled Syringe

Prefilled syringe is composed of several parts. Followings are the descriptions of the parts.
Custom-made parts are also available if you wish.

Component Parts of Prefilled Syringe

You can select plastic or glass in the various sizes.

②Luer Lock

This part is to strengthen the fitting between the LLA and the disposal needle.

③Finger Grip

Parts to improve usability. Various exclusive designs are available.

④Plunger Rod

Various exclusive designs are available.


Conforming JP 7.03: Test for Rubber Closure for Aqueous Infusion.

⑥Tip Cap

Conforming JP 7.03: Test for Rubber Closure for Aqueous Infusion.

  • Luer Cone Type
  • Luer Lock Type
  • Double-ended Needle Type(D.PAT)
  • Needle Type
  • Laminated Gasket(D.PAT)
  • Back stop(D.PAT)

ClearJect®<Plastic Prefilled Syringe>

By the Introduction of High-Functional Resin, the quality / function is enhanced dramatically.

The Plastic Prefilled Syringes have several advantages such as“Lightweight” “Break-proof” and “Easy to burn out and dispose”.
Not only to enhance the usability dramatically in the field of pharmaceutical industry and medical institution but also to make a significant contribution to total cost reduction due to enabling to use common parts.
Standard packaging is RTU type. In response to a customer's request, it is possible to meet with the customer's desired packaging.


Product Type Injection Molding Silliconization Tip Cap Assembling Sterilization
Injection Molding Components are molded under ISO class 8 environment.
Camera inspections are set up in the automatic manufacturing line, and performed on exterior appearancea and dimensions in a clean room (ISO class 7).
Silliconization Medical grade isilicone is used for the barrels.
Tip Cap Assembling A barrel and a tip cap are assembled by a specialized machine.
100% inspection is performed on the existence of tip cap.
Sterilization Gamma sterilization is available as requested.

【Standard Type】

Product Name Volume (mL) Shape of Luer Outer Diameter(mm) Inner Diameter(mm) Total Length(mm)
0.50mL LL 9.40 4.65 64.4
1mL long
1.00mL LC 9.15 6.35 64.5
LL 9.40 6.35 64.4
LL 11.20 6.35 64.4
ClearJect 2.25mL 2.25mL LC 10.85 8.65 64.4
LL 11.20 8.65 64.4
3.00mL LL 11.20 8.65 84.4
5.00mL LC 15.05 12.45 79.0
LL 15.05 12.45 79.0
ClearJect WN
1mL long
1.00mL Needle 8.15 6.35 76.7
ClearJect WN
2.25mL Needle 10.85 8.65 79.3
  • Luer Cone Type(LC)

    Luer Cone Type(LC)

  • Luer Lock Type(LL)

    Luer Lock Type(LL)

  • Needle Type

    Needle Type


TasPack®(RTU Type)

  • TasPack®(RTU Type)
  • TasPack®(RTU Type)

After opening the plastic bag, the packaging is designed to be in the state of Ready-To-Use.
Compatible with your required packaging.


  • Rondo-tray
  • Rondo-tray

Load syringes on rondo-tray, stack loaded trays, and package them with clean plastic bag.

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If you belong to above regions, please contact GERRESHEIMER BUNDE GMBH as sales window.