Manufacturer of drugs

Manufacturer of drugs

Providing the high-quality product under the production of clean environment.

We have the license of manufacturing for drugs in the category of Sterile Drug (License No. 27AZ200094) and also established the quality assurance management system which is based on the "GMP Ministerial Ordinance" for the "Regulations for Buildings and Facilities".
Under the clean environmental state, we can surely support you extensively from the assembling / packaging of kit product to the final process of the sterilization. Please feel free to contact us.

Acceptable for the subcontract manufacturing extensively


In our clean room, we can assemble the parts of the product and make them to the final shipping form.
We have two kinds of gas sterilization facilities in our site, and irradiation sterilizations are also available.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Steam Sterilizer (VHP)
    Hydrogen Peroxide Steam Sterilizer (VHP)
  • Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer (EOG)
    Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer (EOG)